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On Wednesday February 15th At 04:00 PM UTC

Hello Everyone!

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We were so pleased to host our Telegram AMA session with ORE Network where we gave you the chance to ask the team anything you liked. And you certainly delivered!

Summary of the AMA

  1. Host Round
  2. Community Round

Crypto King: Welcome all to yet another round of AMA with ORE Network. A great project with an excellent team. All set for the AMA.

Crypto King: Hi MARC good to have you here Let’s begin with the Host Round I have a couple of questions for you :))

Q1.Hey Marc could you please give a brief background about yourself, your journey in Web3 space and your professional experience?

MARC :Sure I am the Co-Founder and CEO at AIKON, and a core contributor to the ORE Blockchain. I ran my first company at 28 years old, a social network called Mobileplay (which he sold to Good Technology) and became Creative Director at Context Optional which sold to Efficient Frontier for $50M. At Efficient Frontier, Marc set up the social business across EMEA before the company was acquired by Adobe for $400M. I spent the last four years working on Blockchain technology with AIKON and ORE.

Q2.We just wanted to you know a little more about you know what all companies a project teams that are associated with ORE network or working with ORE network , if you could just briefly and I’ll throw some light on it ?

MARC : Yeah absolutely so just to give a few examples right I mean it’s a public blockchain anyone should work with it but you know obviously we’re really proud of the ones who are so the most common are actually games like you know game five or nft related games they want people logging in on their phone in a native app so we games like Cog Slam by Redbox LAB exotopia which is a polygon nft back for minors with some wax so we got a bunch of different games.

We’re actually going to be launching a sort of API integration for Unity as well in the near future and aside from games the other two big categories are Finance.

We have a project that’s banking the unbanked in Guatemala called really proud of what they’re doing because it really aligns with my values and hopefully everyone’s values where they’re paying people to do jobs in the app and they’re paying them a stable coins so because people don’t have bank accounts they need to wait to pay them in their phone they just walk into Google to the app we create a wallet on the fly with your ID and they can get paid right away without ever needing a bank account, which is so awesome.

We also just signed our first regulated Finance customer I can’t talk about it yet but if people follow us on Twitter or telegram we absolutely will be making announcements about that later.

And the other big category,The third big category are actual like blockchain blockchains themselves so some of our biggest customers are blockchains like Telos for the Telos Foundation has used ORE ID to be the official crowd wallet in any developer can get ORE ID for free if you’re building into Telos. we are doing that with another blockchain we’ve gotten grants from Algorand ,Polygon whats differenciates.

So we’re always out there trying to collaborate with layer ones and then doing games and finance use cases those are the places we seem to be strongest.

Crypto King: All right perfect I’m pretty sure that Finance Company that you’re talking about is big and it’s going to be a huge partnership for ORE protocol probably game changer.

MARC : Yeah ideas are amazing the founders are amazing the team is amazing to work we’re doing from our team is amazing I’m like so proud of everyone and I can’t wait to be able to talk about it.

Crypto King: Right now I’m pretty sure Community is eagerly waiting for it and I understand you don’t want to you know let the rabbit out of the hole So let’s just wait for the good news and we’ll be tracking your Twitter and telegram for the announcement perfect. The most exciting part you know let’s talk about the listing today.

What was the reason behind choosing the centralized MEXC and what was the major criteria that lead to the selection of this exchange and if just follow the question.

Q3.If you are planning to launch ORE on any other centralized exchange or a dex maybe you know in the next quarter or by Q4 this year so any thoughts on that ?

MARC : Yeah for sure so you’re obviously the ORE token it it’s it’s trading it’s bridged it it’s on the or network but it’s also bridge to ethereum and polygon and BNB on so other exchanges.

We’re already listed on uniswap quick Swap and pancake swap and bitmart obviously we’re super excited about MEXC. Because MEXC is is one of you know it’s very major Exchange in the centralized exchanges tend to have the biggest volume so super excited for that and also it is cool because actually a lot of the users of ORE ID are in Asia and MEXC has a really good you know Asian footprint which is nice.

You from our perspective we want people using for its utility purposes so the easier it is for them to get them ORE tokens to you know buy and sell them whatever they need to do what they’re going to do with with or the better it is so absolutely we want to be listed on lots of different exchanges we want it to be really accessible for people all over the world and you know that’s why we got into this whole blockchain thing is for equal opportunity for people everywhere in the world and you know it’s it’s really exciting to be on some of these bigger exchanges and hope is that every you know every exchange it just keep getting more and more big exchanges as time goes on .

Q4.listing is something which you know the community is most excited about the end of the price and the price action and everybody here is looking forward to.

You know have a better game on it on their investment so I’m pretty sure what is going to do very very well after the listing. just curious if you could probably and I just let us know are you are you guys planning to launch it on the biggest exchange of the crypto space I’m not going to take names but do you have any plans in future ?

MARC : Specific plans but I think anyone in the industry would love to be on the biggest exchanges right like and for us it’s about when they you know the tokens out there so some of the really big exchanges they just decide what to list it and then others will meet with and and see what they want to do but you know for us.

Fundamentally the demand for the token comes from utility users of the system so right our primary focus is always on making the technology better like at icon meaning technology better and driving more adoption and driving demand that way. and so on you know we just raised our series a in September we have multiple years of Runway we’re going to be building great stuff we’re signing up new customers.

So I think if people are looking for you know we’re not like a huge marketing operation this isn’t going to be like some overnight 1,000% pop this is something that’s going to be slow and steady and we just are driving demand through real utility and real usage for the long run and so I think you know it’s tough in the bear Market but I think we’re really well positioned for the long run but these big customers full adoption for certain blockchains and you know a lot of Runway ahead of us to keep making the product and the technology better and better.

Q5.Is there any exciting update or feature of ORE token that ORE audience should be waiting for your apart from the ones that already spoken about just just curious to know if there is a if there’s anything you know more exciting that’s coming ?

MARC : Part of dealing with the regulated Financial World obviously is dealing with compliance right people both back checks kyc AML all that kind of stuff , so we’re going to do a protocol upgrade for the network that starts to integrate more of that work on the Chain level and again we’ll be announcing how that technology works but we’ve already kind of talked it through with the the block producers again the people running the network they’re all very excited about this upgrade they’re all excited to support it and so I think there’s going to be a lot of that we’re all very excited about that that’ll probably be announced with like all the details and everything in future this year.

it’s the work is already underway and the the nodes are node Runners are excited about it and we’ve already got you know a first customer that will be using it so yeah I think that’s going to be amazing outside of the other stuff we’ve already talked about.

Q6.How is BTC looking how’s Bitcoin looking to you now how is the how’s the market in general you know do you also trade or you just invest or you don’t do it all anything ?

MARC : Trying like actively trade like day trade I get back but I have been quick I am like a buyer real story I’m applying home investor I am doing a you know dollar cost to averaging buying of Bitcoin right now I’m also holding some other tokens but yeah from my perspective it’s all about buying projects that I believe in the technology you know what they’re doing and then letting the market catch up with that I think right now the whole web 3 Market is underpriced because FTX created such a it’s just an embarrassing fraudulent disaster and I think that’s right.

I’m actually come back when people see when people see real use cases that really matter happening , or that’s you know FDX incident was probably Lehman Brothers of space , use cases that really matter happening .

Crypto King: Right then you know FTX incident was probably Lehman Brothers of crypto space and lots of people lost their money , this everybody stories , great so that’s pretty normal.

You feel like this whole thing and then you know cash on the returns after a year or two that’s probably the best for somebody who’s not an active day trader so that’s that’s you know one strategy that probably work out.

MARC : 100% yeah and it’s like yeah I mean some of them are definitely lost money on but on the whole if that’s been a great strategy for me.

Crypto King: All right absolutely for audience and let’s see who all have questions for you so we take one by one and I’m just you know requesting audience to you know raise their hand if they are interesredto ask any questions.

Community Round

Q1.What are your marketing stretegies and how to implementing ORE in global adoption as there are so many projects coming and they are doing marketing very wellin the opening season and after some times they collapse their tokens, so what are the stretegies you are updating in your marketing stretegies ?

MARC : It’s a great question so I think what we see a lot in the industry are essentially like kind of approaches which is not what we’re doing so we you know the network was live for quite some time before any tokens were sold the network was lied before any real marketing happened and so today we actually do icon has a CMO that we just hired recently named Gretchen Fox Palmer she’s amazing, she’s got under her that we haven’t ever had before, like multiple people doing marketing we got to Susan who’s always out there with our influencers and stuff like that and it’s doing blog posts and all this kind of stuff so we’re really just getting started on the marketing front but are the way we set it up one is first and foremost where marketing the products to make sure that real adoption is happening for ORE ID or for ORE vault.

And ORE vault that’s the most important thing cuz again like even the biggest marketing pop goes away you need that like true real world utility to keep the system going and we budgeted that way too we’re marketing slowly month after month all year long rather than trying to like put a whole bunch in any one moment.

Q2.You know most of the project now moving to use artificial intelligence so do you have any plan to use AI on your project in future ?

MARC : We actually the first thing that was ever done on the ORE network the first like real user wasn’t AI project but it got kind of wiped out in the crypto winter that first bear market and so today we don’t actually have a lot of AI stuff going on even though it’s a hot industry but like anything happening on the blockchain we can provide that sort of infrastructure or so hopefully there will be more AI use cases in the future but it hasn’t been a big Focus for us right now.

Crypto King: there has been lot of hypes in AI few months back on and it started and then lots of tokens just went off,probably incorporate.

MARC : Yeah well it’s fair point cuz it’s like the people always think like AI plus blockchain but the question is why and so the answer is as far as I can see one either the payments you have this like decentralized payment for the AI Services which is what our first user was or because you want to sort of have some provability and Trust around what the AI model has been programmed to do so behaves as intended I think for the payments and for the behaves as intended. I think we’re still not quite at the phase where there’s enough AI players ,Thats really play out whales.

Q3.Seeking market condition now how does ORE networks beat the bear market ?

MARC : The only way out is to build like the best companies get built actually in Bear markets usually and it’s it’s all about.

getting adoption to me it’s like right now there’s less noise there’s less chaos there’s less companies starting up every day and so we can grab a lot of market share and get real massive option and that’s our strategy for how to beat the bear Market.

Q4.How does your network will balance the need for transpiracy accountability , will you use zero knowledge to protect the privacy of your users ? what step does will you insure that user data will kept sucure and confidential ?

MARC : I am so and you brought that up obviously super important so one we never put any personally identifiable information on chain everything is kept private we’re True Believers and privacy and the way I’m like many blockchain protocols we use suit Anonymous keys on the chain what we we further protect privacy by allowing the users to spin up as many public identities as they want so they can use one identity for playing all their games in a separate one for their Finance even with the same login right so giving the user that control so that it’s harder to cross correlate Activities on their blockchain and then finally we have this protocol upgrade. I think its really good way , it’s not a zero knowledge proof technically but it works the same way to basically encrypt approve on the blockchain of someone’s kyc-aml other compliance status without revealing any of the data still allow you to double check that the proof is real so that’s part of that chain upgrade that will be bringing out in the near future and so I really appreciate the question thank you.

Q5.In the ORE system could you tell me more about ORE SDK what is the purpose of it and what requirements must be made in order to use this ?

MARC : Yeah so you know our platform is primarily used by developers to integrate to their application so the or SDK is like a JavaScript library that allows people react component but like the JavaScript library.

its really easy to integrate ORE id , ORE acounts to an existing app, thats for develper to just make their lives a lot easier and we’re always trying to improve the developer experience and make things you know easier each year than it was the year before.

Q6.Do you have a plan to attract non crypto investors to join in because the success of a project attracts more investors who have not yet entered the crypto world thank you?

MARC : Yeah absolutely thank you for the question so you know for us we’re focused on the utility users of the system and not so much on individual investors right I think the most important part for Icon is getting real users and real usage of ORE ID in the ORE Network.

Right by me that being said our whole mission is to bring more people into blockchain right by making it easier for that mass adoption letting people log in with Google letting him log in with their email address but then login with their Apple account right so we’re trying to actually bring more people into the whole blockchain ecosystem for all projects and that the intention there obviously would bring a lot more investors into crypto and blockchain as a whole but yeah day to day we’re not that focused on sort of the outside investor Community it’s it’s sort of outside of what we are typically working on.

Q7.Do you have plans to build a community governance ecosystem and lunch DAOs if yes how does our governance through to work do the token holder have the right to participate in the governance of the project ?

MARC : So we are right now the token holders would only have the right to vote on the Block producers I even know it’s running the network it’s a delicated proof estate system but we want to give voting rights for all the big decisions to the Token holders and so that’s something that’s a big part of the road map this year and I’m sorry I didn’t talk about it earlier but we do want it functionality so it’s easier you don’t need to know how to use a command line interface which you would have to do right now to build some front end so it’s easier for token holders to participate in governance cuz yeah we absolutely believe in that decentralized governance and giving people out of control over the system.

Q8.I have read your white paper there is cross chain identity and reality ,it may crosschain DEFI and NFTs are reality , so what are your views on credit score into crossblockchain ?

MARC : Awesome question and thank you for reading the white paper so yeah the decentralized credit score is something that is more on the ORE future discussion right it’s it’s not going to happen right now but what ORE allows because we have this cross chain identity built into ORE networks. Its allow you to prove on one chain like ethereum and assets to hold on avalanche so people can acctually see it give you lending or margin because they can see that you’re the same holder of these two different Wallets on these different blockchains and so that opens up a lot of really interesting Defi possibilities but even more importantly I think it’s going to open up a host of regulated Financial possibilities on blockchain I guess they call it C-fi profile opportunities because you can do that KYC once in to the crossblockchain.

Q9.What kind of identity management does ORE Network offers ?

MARC : Product that connects web to login to web3 management proofs ORE ID product that connects web to login to web3 so log in with the Europe to account get Wallets on blockchain so that’s what we’re the identity management were most famous for today but I think in the future as I mentioned before we’re going to be rolling out deeper identity proofs privacy protecting identity proofs on chain as well so we’re sort of expanding from there all right.

Crypto King: Great AMA and thank you so much for coming hope you really enjoyed and congrats on or listing on Messi exchange hope it does great in future and many congratulations for running this project.

Hope you do well thank you for all the amazing questions obviously a really thoughtful community.

Thank you so much thanks Community thanks everybody for joining in on the channel and stay tuned for more updates on the channel and we will be hosting more time, Thank you.

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