REBEL BOTS: Truly an Ultimate P2E Game Coming Your Way

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4 min readFeb 28, 2022


The blockchain revolution has brought about quite a fantastic journey for those coming in with the adoption and adaptation of crypto environment. Just as it was getting hotter, the gaming world got the super-power of NFTs and Play to Earn, shared in the hands of gaming enthusiasts, players as well as game developers.

About Rebel Bots

As the Industry is advancing to NFT and P2E arena, Rebel Bots is perfectly positioning itself to be one of the key players in the future of NFT and P2E gaming space. Rebel Bots — Xoil Wars is a cross platform card battle game, players will be able to play, progress and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi themed game taking place in outer space.

Total inspiration and key ingredient of Rebel Bots on the way to become world-class game is its vision — “Our vision is to create a leading game franchise within the blockchain games space by building the Rebel Bots brand with several gaming titles. Players will be able to use the characters they own in all the games within the Rebel Bots universe. Among our goals is to create true social games which enable players to join forces with other players, play both casual and competitive gameplay.”


Taking inspiration from Axie Infinity, Xoil Wars is the first gaming title in the Rebel Bots universe. Xoil Wars offers much better graphics, game economy and in general just a much more fun game to play.

Xoil Wars is a digital collectible card game which takes ten minutes to learn and lifetime to master. The game is developed for both mobile devices and PC Installable clients with a smooth cross-platform game experience. The technology chosen by the team to comply with this vision is the Unity game engine for the client component.

Players will be able to build their base and team of Fighting Bots. They can then play, progress, and earn in a single player or multiplayer game taking place in outer space on planet Xoilium.

The token minting smart contracts have passed an audit by Certik.


Rebel Bots Xoil Wars core team are gaming veterans with each having over a decade of experience in the social gaming industry. The team has been involved in the creation, design, development and marketing of some of the biggest titles available on mobile, games such as Slotomania, Governor of Poker 3, to name a few.


The Roadmap of Rebel Bots is filled with exciting updates coming in upcoming months. The most amazing one would be IDO on InfinityPad on February 28, 2022 and Public Token Offering coming on March 7, 2022, on This will be followed by XOILIUM land sale in March 2022, where every player will be able to purchase land in his desired kingdom.

Clubbed with Land Sale in March 2022, there will be Cinematic Game Trailer that will be released in the March 2022 as well, making it quite an exciting month to look forward to for the Rebel Bots Community.

The second quarter will be pumped with launch of NFT marketplace with low costs and fast transactions along with Guild Management Dashboard, where every guild will have its own dashboard for managing its players.

Q3 would be much more crazier for this community as the game is planned to go live in June 2022. And in December 2022, Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the Rebel Bots will be formed because there is no I in Robot.

Investors & Partners

One of the crucial aspects to consider the potential of the project is the investor group that it is backed with. Rebel Bots is backed by truly world class investors to bring the best out of Rebel Bots and deliver a superlative P2E gaming experience. These top-tier investors have joined and are supporting the projects to make it a huge success.

These top-tier investors include Ubisoft, Overwolf, Makers Fund, Reimagine Ventures, Polygon Studios, Node Capital, LD Capital, Metavest Capital, MSVT:MG, Cointelligence Fund, Blockchain Founders Fund and Tykhe Block Ventures.

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