Safest Means for P2P Escrow Payment Service for Crypto Payments: LockNess

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4 min readJan 17, 2022


LockNess has entered the crypto industry with a very unique offering: Aiming to provide safety and ease of adoption to crypto users all around the world for crypto payments.

About LockNess

LockNess is developing a P2P escrow service to provide safe, fast and convenient methods of sending and receiving crypto in exchange for goods and services without getting scammed! Outside of real time transactions, LockNess is empowering the fast-growing Metaverse economy with trusted O2O (online-toOffline) transactions among other use cases and beyond!

The Working!

At the heart of the solution lies the security of transferring funds through the secure LockNess platform and withholding funds for a specific period of time until the goods or services have been delivered, then the funds may be released if all has gone well. Although if the receiver is not satisfied with his purchase, LockNess ensures a full refund to the rightful recipient. Like it’s view here says, it is definitely not magic, but a bright idea to solve a very critical problem in crypto industry.

LockNess — Reasons To Adopt

There definitely comes a reason for any user to think or ponder over the question of why switching to LockNess method? Here are few reasons that truly stands out LockNess as an extremely high-potential project:

· DeFi Escrow Payments

· Send Crypto by simply entering an email address, No more wallet addresses!

· Connect existing Metamask or Trust wallet

· Sign up in less than 30 seconds

· Sender remains fee free

· Recipient retains low 1% flat fee

· Recipient does not require an account to accept escrow funds

· Releasing on IOS, Android and the Web

Key Features

SDK Release — With the release of SDK arriving in short span of time by LockNess, it will be easier for businesses to integrate and secure crypto escrow services within their existing e-commerce interface. The cost point also favors big time here with a low flat rate fee to businesses of 0.5% per transaction. And cherry on the cake — It is planned to be a Plug & Play model!

Tap & Pay — LockNess’ uniquely developed POS system will enable businesses to accept crypto payments with ease without any usage of third party hardware. For businesses, they just need to use any NFC enabled device such as smartphone to create OTC (POS) Payments.

Lock Swap — Swapping an unwanted currency has always been a challenge in the environment. With Lockswap, businesses can choose their preferred currency before it hits any wallet. With astounding features like automated swap for all currency arriving into wallet, bridging network compatibility and solution to wallet fluff, LockNess is leaving no stone unturned for being a top player in P2P Escrow Payments in blockchain.


LockNess has ambitious roadmap listed out for whole of 2022. LockNess is planning for multiple network bridges to support top 20 coins, Lock wallet release, SDK Application release, API Integration release, Lockness DEX Release and NFC POS application release.

Investors & Partners

For any blockchain project coming in the market, it is imperative to have a strong Investors and Partners backing, which definitely help the project to achieve outstanding success on every front. LockNess has garnered industry renowned investors and partners like Dutch Crypto Investors, OIG Oracles Investment Group, Synapse Network, Meridian Capital, ZBS Capital, Spherium Finance, Netvrk, Crypto Differ, Revolve Games, Kudo Money, Swipelux, Cloud NFT, CryptoFOMO, ScottyBeam, Minted Lab, Zam Token, Hashtag, Jigen, Escrow Protocol, Torus Wallet, G*Game Star, AU21 Capital, HG Ventures, Project SEED and CryptoWar.

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